Prayer (english version)

MERCY OF GOD - Pray accompanied by Fra' Dionisio Filippi

Fra' Dionisio

Blessed are you Lord, for Your infinite love
for the little ones and the last ones of the earth.
I address my prayer to you
and I entrust my torment and my pain for children,
who are deprived from the right to be born because of abortion;
for the defenseless and innocent victims of brutal human violence;
for women and men who suffer infertility;
for parents, committed everyday life in the difficult educational task;
for those who live in their families the tragedy of the disease,
of mourning, of separation and addiction;
and for those who love life, so that nothing arrive to bend their Christian faith or extinguish in them the grace of God.
I thank you for all the love with which you fill my life.
Help me to always trust in your merciful love,
You who are true Peace and true Well.



With ecclesiastical approval (in Italian)
Thiene (Vicenza - Italy) January 11,2009

+ Flavio Roberto Carraro, Bishop


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