Prayer (english version)

Prayer to the Mercy of God - Accompanied by Friar Dionisio Filippi

Fra' Dionisio

Blessed are you thy Lord, for the infinite love you nurture
for the little ones and the last ones of the earth.

To you I address my prayer
and entrust my torment and my pain for
the children who are deprived, through abortion,
ofthe right to be born;
for the small, defenceless and innocent victims
of the brutal human violence;
for the women and the men who suffer
due to their infertility as a couple;
for the parents, committed to the daily
and often difficult task of education;
for those who, in the family, live the tragedy of disease,
mourning, separation and dependency;
and for those who love life, so that nothing bends
their Christian faith or extinguish in them the grace of God.

I thank you for all the love with which you cloak my life.
Help me to always trust in your merciful love,
You who are true Peace and true Good.

Thiene (Vicenza - Italy) January 11,2009

With ecclesiastical approval
Flavio Roberto Carraro, Bishop


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Friar Dionisio Filippiwas born in VallidelPasubio (Vicenza, Italy) on May 12, 1882. He entered the conventof the Minor Friars of Chiampoat the age of 16, as a lay friar, and in 1907, in S. Francesco delDeserto (Venezia, Italy) he made his perpetual profession.
The obedience to the Franciscan Rule persuaded Friar Dionisioto follow a life choice that brought him closer for many years to the poorest, becoming similar to them in a solidarity that was an evangelical testimony of spiritual brotherhood.
His daily mission was distinguished by a spirit of sincere humility that concretized not just with the renunciation of material goods, but also of his own self, following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi.
He arrived in Treviso in 1923 as first laic friar to start the construction of the convent and the Votive Church dedicated to Mary Help of Christians.  On April 7, 1944, bombardments razed to the ground both convent and church.  Friar Dionisio was then sent by the Provincial Minister to reopen the old conventofCittadella (Padua, Italy).  It was thus possible to host many friars and their novices whose convents had been damaged by the war and orphans from Istria (II World War) who had to abandon the orphanage of Pola(Istria, Croazia) along with their teachers.
Friar Dionisiowas cook, sacristan and, most of all, mendicant.  Everywhere he lived, in the countryside or the villages he passed by, he raised great admiration for his exemplary life.
Incessant prayers, Eucharistic adoration, devotion to Purgatory souls, were offered by him to God for those he encountered every day and who entrusted themselves to his intercession.
Mothers asked him to pray for their children, pregnant women asked him to pray for their unborn child and for a safe delivery.  He was a faithful friend to all.
He approximated anybody: poor and rich, believer and non-believer.
The spiritual gifts and renunciations he made, the ideals he embraced, the deeds he performed in a generous style, unforgettable for the charity and goodness that pervaded them, rendered him dear, esteemed and wanted.
He died in Citadella(Padua) on April 16, 1970, with an undisputed reputation of sanctity since he truly knew how to love people and with his life he evidenced the mercy of God.
All those who had the privilege of meeting him knew that friar Dionisio, even from heaven, would always accompany them, with his prayers, along the paths of their life.
The remains of Friar Dionisio rest in the small cemetery of the Minor Friars Convent of San Pancrazioin BarbaranoVicentino (Vicenza, Italy).


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